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What is Somebody's Attic?

Somebody's Attic is a non-profit thrift store that opened in the mid-1980's. Ann Jurinak, a former CAPSA board member, came up with the idea to open the thrift store in order to provide a source of continual funding for CAPSA. Throughout the years, hundreds of volunteers have contributed to their success, and have kept this wonderful store alive to continue providing monetary support to organizations that are ending domestic violence, like CAPSA and the Child and Family Support Center. It has grown from the basement of the Emporium to two locations in Smithfield and Logan. Its mission is to provide quality merchandise at an affordable price to low-income families (or people who are just looking for a great deal!), while raising funds to end violence in our community.

What services does Somebody's Attic provide?

  • Recycles "gently used" donations and provides those to families at a great price in order to help with abuse prevention.
  • Offers vouchers to displaced families through CAPSA, the Child and Family Support Center, and the Red Cross.
  • Provides opportunities for individuals to complete court-ordered community service hours at either location.
  • Provides opportunities for organizations and individuals who are looking for service projects for Eagle Scouts, school, or other volunteer service.

What can I find at Somebody's Attic?

At Somebody's Attic you can find just about anything you can imagine. Affordable clothing, shoes, coats, collectible pottery, vintage items, unusual antiques and treasures, and bicycles are some common items you may see. Some less common items that have been donated include big screen TVs, a cedar dry sauna, and a new dining room set. But mostly you will find items that will fill the basic needs for families.

How can I help?

  • Donate merchandise that is good and is in working condition. Remember that these donations will go into someone else's home, so please only donate "gently used" items.
  • Please donate items only between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Do not leave items in the parking lot behind the store, Somebody's Attic does not own the parking lot, so that is considered illegal dumping.
  • Volunteer at one of the store locations. If you can spare just three hours a week to price and organize donations, help customers find things around the store, and operate the cash register.

A Note from Somebody's Attic about Donations:

Help Somebody's Attic Help Our Community

Somebody's Attic is a small thrift store in Cache Valley that takes gently used items from generous donors in the community and resells them to the public. We are fortunate to operate in a community that gives abundantly of their time and goods, with people who understand that we have limited space and therefore can only accept items that will sell.

This does not include chemicals, carpet remnants, tires, or damaged or broken merchandise. Unfortunately we have been receiving a large number of the items listed above. Often these items are left in the parking lot behind our Logan store after hours, and by the time we arrive in the morning, the items are strewn around the parking lot and many of the "sell-able" items have been stolen overnight, leaving only broken merchandise or items that we are not able to sell.

Since Somebody's Attic does not own the parking lot behind our building, leaving any donations (including the items listed above) is considered illegal dumping. It takes a lot of time for the employees and volunteers at the store to clean up the messes left when items are dumped in the parking lot overnight, and costs a lot of money for Somebody's Attic to have to legally dispose of the items. As a result, we are only accepting donations between store hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

By donating clean items in working condition during our business hours, your generosity can help Somebody's Attic continue to give back to charitable organizations in Cache Valley. Donations from the community allow us to make cash donations of up to $70,000 per year to abuse prevention agencies such as CAPSA and the Child and Family Support Center.

We would like to remind the community to only donate clean merchandise in working condition because it takes time and costs money to dispose of dirty or broken items. We appreciate and value the donations we receive. Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting us for over 20 years!


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