Press Release – Jan Miller Memorial Golf Tournament



For more than 30 years, the CAPSA Golf Tournament is held the first Monday in June at the Logan Golf and Country Club. This is CAPSA’s largest in-house fundraising events and raising more than $25,000 each year.

CAPSA is a nonprofit domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape recovery center serving northern Utah. Because all of CAPSA’s services are FREE, the money raised from this event supports individuals and families escaping violence, starting new lives, and healing from the associated trauma – services include emergency shelter, housing, therapy, and more.

Jan Miller

Jan Miller

Jan Miller founded Stander, a company that invents and manufactures mobility devices for the elderly and disabled, in 1998 and served as Stander’s Fearless Leader (president and CEO) until her passing. Jan, along with her husband Troy Miller (engineer), were first inspired to create mobility devices to assist Jan’s grandmother. These inventions enabled Essie to live independently in the comfort of her own home. This victory, combined with Jan’s commitment to better society, inspired her to create Stander, Inc. Since then, Stander has invented over 30 innovative mobility solutions to help the elderly and disabled live more independently.

Jan served on the CAPSA board since 2006 and was always passionate about helping empower survivors of domestic violence to become independent. During her service, Jan served as board president, housing committee chair, and historian. Jan lead efforts to build Independence Place (a CAPSA owned neighborhood of nine homes), establish an endowment, supported expanded therapy, and create the zero turn away fund ensuring no one qualified was turn away from emergency shelter. For the zero turn away, Jan committed her company to be the first to do payroll deductions and because of her support CAPSA’s shelter has not turned away any local family displaced by domestic violence since 2016.

Independence Place Neighborhood

“Jan was an outstanding board member whose passion for and experience leadership in empowering others to become independent influenced CAPSA and can be seen throughout our organization and programs”, stated Jill Anderson CAPSA’s Executive Director. “Jan was a mentor, a friend, and partner in this work. Her passing has left a hole in CAPSA and she will be missed.”

Jan Miller passed away on June 3, 2018 (Jan’s Obituary).

The Jan Miller Memorial Golf Tournament

The CAPSA Golf Tournament was one of Jan’s favorite fundraising events. Every year she sponsored the hole-in-one contest and paid for four teams – with the goal of connecting her employees to CAPSA.  Jan Miller passed away on June 3, 2018. This was the day prior to the 2018 CAPSA Golf Tournament.

“The morning after her passing, we meet together as a Stander family to discuss her passing”, stated Troy Holland.  “As a team we discussed many things including CAPSA’s Golf Tournament that day. We all agreed that Jan would want her Stander Family there supporting CAPSA. She loved CAPSA that much and as a company we always knew of her love for their mission.”

To honor Jan, CAPSA has renamed this tournament to the Jan Miller Memorial Golf Tournament.

“My mother’s true joy in life was supporting those in need, and helping them thrive”, stated Derek Miller Jan’s son.  “It’s an honor to have CAPSA dedicate the golf tournament in memory of her kind and loving nature.”

The Jan Miller Memorial Golf Tournament will be held one year after Jan’s passing on June 3, 2019.  It will again be hosted at the Logan Golf and Country Club and includes breakfast, food throughout the course, 18 holes with carts, and lunch. Registration, sponsorship, and tournament details can be found at

In honor of Jan Miller, we are working to sponsor all holes and tees to raise more funds to support CAPSA’s mission. Jan’s Family, Stander, and CAPSA have partnered to make the largest impact possible in Jan’s memory with a goal to double the annual revenue to more than $50,000.

Jan Miller Memorial Golf Tournament benefiting CAPSA

“In honor of supporting Jan’s vision to assist CAPSA, we’d love your support [as sponsors] in helping to bring others out of abuse and move forward in life,” stated Troy Miller. “Janie would find so much joy to see her community come together to help CAPSA. Thank you in advance from her family for your support.”

Registration, sponsorship, and tournament details can be found at


James Boyd, Development Director for CAPSA,, 435-760-5277 (cell)

Derek Miller, Jan Miller’s son and family spokesperson,, 435-755-0453