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Press Release – Jan Miller Memorial Golf Tournament

CAPSA RENAMES ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT TO THE JAN MILLER MEMORIAL GOLF TOURNAMENT IN HONOR OF LONG TIME BOARD MEMBER WHO PASSED AWAY LAST JUNE Background For more than 30 years, the CAPSA Golf Tournament is held the first Monday in June at the Logan Golf and Country Club. This is CAPSA’s largest in-house fundraising events […]

Fight Against Domestic Violence will be sponsoring the playground in Independence Place for $6,000 per year

CAPSA is excited to announce Fight Against Domestic Violence, an international foundation based out of Salt Lake City, will be sponsoring the playground in Independence Place for $6,000 per year.   Background Independence Place, a neighborhood owned and operated by CAPSA, is made up of nine single family homes, a playground, and a neighborhood garden. […]

Malouf, MW Construction & ICON join Lewiston State Bank in each sponsoring a home within CAPSA’s transitional housing neighborhood

On January 30, 2018, Lewiston State Bank announced its continual support of Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse by sponsoring a house within CAPSA’s nine-home transitional housing neighborhood, Independence Place. Lewiston State Bank’s gift has become the seed for additional sponsorships.   CAPSA offers a transitional housing program for clients leaving shelter. The program combines rent subsidies (CAPSA pays […]

Lewiston State Bank commits $6,000 to CAPSA

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Lewiston State Bank announced its commitment to sponsor a home in Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse’s Independence Neighborhood. The neighborhood consists of nine homes, and serves as transitional housing for clients leaving emergency shelter. Residents can stay for up to two years and they pay rent on a sliding […]

Logan, Utah Women’s March

On January 20, CAPSA therapist, Vikki Salinas delivered the following speech to a crowd gathered for Logan Utah’s second annual Women’s March. Hello! My name is Vikki Salinas, and I am a therapist who works at Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse, or, CAPSA. I have worked with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault […]

Support local representatives

As individuals, there are many ways for us to work toward ending abuse within our communities; we can stop victim blaming. We can intervene if we feel an individual is being pressured into unwanted physical activity or if their significant other is ignoring or mistreating them. We can alert authorities when we hear whispers of […]

Talk about abuse

Domestic violence and sexual assault is hard to talk about. We want to make a difference in society, and we want survivors to feel like they can talk about their feelings and experiences, but it’s scary. It’s scary for the survivor of abuse to open up about what happened to them, but it’s also scary […]

New Board Members: Christy Glass & Beth Foley

This December, CAPSA has welcomed two new members to its governing board: Christy Glass and Beth Foley. Below is a little bit about them. Dr. Christy Glass received her Master’s and PhD in Sociology from Yale University. Following her graduation, she began teaching at Utah State University in 2005. In 2016, she was named Researcher […]

Board Meetings

Board meetings and board members, what are they for? A non-profit governing board serves many purposes. First and foremost, the board oversees financial and legal decisions. CAPSA’s governing board approves new hires and salary increases. They also make new policies such as our Donor Privacy Policy. CAPSA board members have also testified before the state […]

Domestic Violence Trivia

CAPSA’s Trivia Night is February 24, 2018. To get us in the spirit, we’ve created a set of trivia questions revolving around domestic violence. See how you do: Which state first rescinded the right of a man to inflict violence upon his partner? In what year did domestic violence become a federal crime? In what […]