CAPSA Services

CAPSA provides personalized services to help you and your children safely and permanently escape abuse. We recognize how difficult your path is, and we are committed to take each step beside you until you have a life free of abuse.

Below is a list of our services:

24-Hour Support Phone Line

CAPSA is here for you, anytime providing support and resources if you or someone you love have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault. Call CAPSA at (435) 753-2500 to speak with a trained advocate who understands what you are going through, will believe you, and can help.

NOTE: If you are under 18, and you give any identifying information to a CAPSA crisis line advocate, such as your name, phone number, address, etc., CAPSA is required by law to report the assault to law enforcement.

Emergency Shelter

CAPSA provides a safe place for you or someone you love who has experienced domestic violence, rape and/or sexual assault. Our shelter provides a refuge to begin healing. We shelter men or women and their accompanied children.

While in shelter, individuals meet with a caseworker to create an action and safety plan to be able to increase their safety and to better take care of themselves and their families when they leave the CAPSA shelter. These plans are based on the goals and needs of each individual and their children. CAPSA caseworkers can provide referrals for employment, counseling, emergency food assistance, economic assistance, and much more in order to help.

Support Network

CAPSA provides information and resources that will help you and loved ones become safe and free from abuse. Resources include housing, economic aid, and legal assistance. CAPSA’s caseworkers also provide court advocacy through any possible legal process. CAPSA has a strong relationship with law enforcement and can help you if you wish to work with law enforcement.

Protective Order Assistance and Civil Stalking Injunction

Protective Orders and Stalking Injunctions are legal tools to assist in securing protection from your abuser. CAPSA specializes in assisting you with completing and securing these legal tools. We can help you determine if a protective order is best for your situation and assist in completing these legal documents.

Safety Planning

CAPSA understands how scared you are and specializes in helping you become safe. CAPSA offers personalized safety planning, helping you and your children identify ways to improve your personal safety. We will help you create a plan for safety whether you choose to stay in the relationship or leave.

Adult, Teen, and Children Therapy

CAPSA offers free and confidential clinical therapy for adults and children who experience anxiety, fear, depression or other trauma from domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or rape. CAPSA’s licensed and trauma informed therapists empower you to find hope and healing.

If you or someone you know is coping with trauma from abuse, please call CAPSA at (435) 753-2500 or email us at

Child and Teen Services

Children and Teen Services

Children who witness abuse are 2.6 times more likely to be in an abusive relationship as an adult. CAPSA provides group and individual therapy, educational groups, safety planning, and support services for teens and children impacted by domestic violence or sexual abuse.

If you are concerned about your children, please call CAPSA at (435) 753-2500 to discuss children support services.

Educational and Support Groups

CAPSA provides educational and therapy groups for adults and children survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault at no cost. Groups focus on helping survivors begin the healing process and learn life skills.

We hope that through a holistic approach to learning about the dynamics of abuse, its impact on self and how to re-claim oneself, participants can break the cycle of abuse and live free of future violence.

Transitional Housing

Without access to housing options, victims fleeing abusive relationships often return to their abusers. CAPSA offers a transitional housing program that provides a safe place for survivors to live while beginning a new life without abuse.

CAPSA can assist families to secure safe housing through community partnerships and through a grant program CAPSA administers. CAPSA also owns a nine-home community know as Independence Place.