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CAPSA’s shelter is a home that houses up to 32 women, men and children. So, the supplies you purchase for your home are the same items CAPSA needs for our shelter and to assist clients starting fresh in a new home. Your generous donations help CAPSA provide a safe place and most importantly, let survivors know they’re not alone and someone is looking out for them and their family.

Donation drop off Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00. Please call (435) 753-2500 to get more details and where to drop off the donations.

*Keep in mind, we do not have the storage to accept clothing, furniture, TV or other large items. We do however encourage you to donate other items Somebody’s Attic where proceeds come back to CAPSA.


-HE Laundry Detergent           -Feminine Products

-Dish Soap                                 -Clorox Wipes

-Nonperishable Foods             -Paper Towels

-Diapers: Size 4, 5, & 6             -Toilet Paper

-Diaper Rash Cream                 -13 Gallon Trash Bags

-Baby Hygiene Products           -Large Bath Towels


-Cleaning Supplies                            -Deodorant

-Dryer Sheets                                     -Bottled Water

-Baby Wipes                                       -Food Storage Container/ Tupperware

-Dishwasher Soap                             -Kitchen Scrubbers/ Sponges

-Hair Spray/ Hair Gel                         -Cookware

-Shampoo and Conditioner              -Kleenex

-Liquid Body Wash

Somebody’s Attic

Somebody’s Attic is a local thrift store which supports CAPSA and the Family Place. Your donations of clothing, home goods, furniture and more are sold and half of the revenue is donated back to CAPSA.  Last year, this exceeded $50,000 for CAPSA.  By donating to Somebody’s Attic you are directly supporting CAPSA.

In addition, Somebody’s Attic provides vouchers to CAPSA’s clients allowing them to purchase items needed to start a new life free of abuse. Many individuals come to our shelter with nothing but the clothing on their backs. A lot of the times in their pajamas. In this way, everyone is treated with dignity and have the opportunity to shop for their preferences and sizes.

Learn more about Somebody’s Attic –

Other ways to Give


Please make your check payable to CAPSA and mail to:

Attn: Donations
P.O. Box 3617
Logan, UT 84323-3617

If you mail/send a check: Please make sure that the name and address that appear on the check are current. We will send a tax receipt for your donation to the address listed on the check.


Your donation of stock can provide a family a safe place, help transition from shelter to a home, specialized therapy, and more.

Your gift can help you save taxes, and also sell an appreciated asset for less than its current value to us (a bargain sale gift). For more information, please contact Jill Anderson at


Thoughtful estate planning makes it possible to extend your care and concern to women, men, and children from our community who need CAPSA. Please speak with your financial advisor or estate lawyer.

For more information, contact James Boyd at



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