Ensuring A Safe Refuge

Domestic violence (DV) shelters across the country are forced to turn away individuals seeking shelter because of limited space and funding. Imagine the despair of requesting help and being told there is no room.

In 2016, CAPSA became the first zero turn-away shelter in Utah for local individuals displaced because of DV or sexual abuse. CAPSA works with hotels to provide rooms for a discounted rate – average $60 per night.

To support one safe night each year, it only requires a $5 donation per month.

Zero Turn-Away Businesses

The majority of the funding of the zero turn-away program is from partnering businesses who promote this program and encourage payroll deduction.

CAPSA’s current partners are:


The demand for shelter continues to increase and we are looking for additional businesses partners to support the Zero Turn-away program through payroll deduction.

Please contact James Boyd at 435-753-2500 or james@capsa.org.

Become a Zero Turn-Away Donor

Become a monthly zero turn-away donor to ensure there is always a safe place. For every $5 a month you donate*, it will guarantee one safe night per year.

Sign up for monthly donation:

*Our system require a monthly donation of $10 or greater.