CAPSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The majority of its revenue comes from grants, and it’s second highest source of income is fundraising events.

Events provide a safe, fun environment for the community to get to know CAPSA employees and volunteers. Each event targets a unique audience, and allows CAPSA to reach a wide range of individuals.

At every event, recent successes are highlighted, and stories of survivors are shared. By attending, people become more familiar with the work done at CAPSA, and relationships are built.

These relationships can lead to a greater support network for survivors. It can lead to more passionate individuals who speak out against domestic violence and sexual assault. It can lead to law makers considering the impact a new policy will have on a victim of sexual assault. It can lead to a grocery store owner choosing to donate to the Food Pantry. It can lead to a neighbor not ignoring the bruises on the woman next door, and not ignoring the fearful look on her children’s faces.

CAPSA’s events bring people closer to each other and closer to CAPSA. Come see what attending an event could lead you to do.

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