An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. The principal is invested and restricted – so it will perpetually support CAPSA. This investment then generates dividends, which are used to support CAPSA programs.

When you donate to an endowment, you provide stability and ensure CAPSA’s future financial health. Endowments allow organizations to weather storms either from a crisis like COVID-19 or unanticipated losses such as a loss of a grant. This stability allows organizations to strategically grow to meet the needs of our community.

Targeted Endowment Goals

Program Funding

Shore up shelter, therapy, casework and other programs.




Ensure CAPSA’s shelter and outreach office remain a place of refuge.



Housing Program

Support CAPSA’s housing program – direct aid and home maintenance.



Endowment supporting Program Funds

CAPSA’s programs are well developed and staffed by experts who provide advocacy and support to our clients. These programs are funded largely by competitive grants, which means CAPSA is forced to reapply every one to two years. Grants often change emphasis, which require program to change every few years. Lastly, because of the competitive nature of a grant, it may not renew which forces CAPSA to end a core program or find outside funding.

An endowment allows CAPSA to be more strategic when developing programs and more resilient if grant funding is lost.

The five million dollar program endowment goal is designed to be flexible to meet the programming needs as they arrive; the approximate goals per program are:

  • Clinical Therapy – $1,500,000
  • Casework $1,500,000
  • Education & Prevention – $1,000,000
  • Shelter – $1,000,000

Endowment Supporting Building Expenses

For our clients, CAPSA’s outreach office and shelter are refuges from the storm of abuse. We are seeking support to fund an endowment for the maintenance and operational cost for our campus.

There is significant cost to operate and maintain a building of this size. This is even more significant due to the nature of our business. Our domestic violence shelter houses up to 32 individuals, additional safety systems (security, fire, gates and more) and accessibility features including an elevator.

CAPSA’s Annual Budget for:

  • Maintenance – $60,000
  • Utilities – $30,000
  • Liability Insurance – $25,000
  • Total – $115,000

For an endowment to cover these expenses, based on a 4 percent distribution rate, the endowment balance needs to be $3 million.

Endowment Supporting Housing Program

Last year, CAPSA provided $127,878 in housing related funds for rental assistance, security deposits, moving expenses and more. The funds allow individuals and families to find safe homes. These are primarily grant funded and are not guaranteed. If we lose these funds, without an endowment, we will have to stop providing direct housing assistance.


By the end of FY21, CAPSA will also manage and maintain 21 units. Rental properties need normal maintenance and there are additional expenses prior to new tenants moving into the home – since CAPSA’s housing program is short-term, this expense is higher than similar rental properties. In FY 21, we are budgeting $75,000 in maintenance for housing. An endowment will help cover these funds and ensure these homes are safe and in good condition for our clients.


For an endowment to cover these expenses and ensure the same level of housing, the endowment needs to generate approximately $200,000 in housing funds. Based on a 4 percent distribution rate, the endowment balance needs to be $5 million.

Endowment Example

If you donate $100,000 to CAPSA’s endowment, your donation will be invested. With a 6% return, your $100,000 gift will generate $6,000 in dividends the first year. CAPSA will use $4,000 for CAPSA programs and reinvest the $2,000 to increase future impact.

Each year your donation will continue to grow while generating program funding. At 10 years, your gift will have generated a total of $43,798 in program funding. At 20 years, it will have blessed CAPSA with $102,272 in program funding – this is more than your original gift.

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